Coffee is ranked as one of the world’s most consumed beverages. When did coffee drinking first start? One legend credits an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi with discovering the potential of coffee beans. Kaldi observed how energetic his goats became after eating berries from the coffee plant. So he came up with the idea of grinding the beans and brewing a drink from it.

Coffee was introduced to Europe in the 16th century, but many Europeans rejected it at the time as a drink only for infidels, that was until Pope Clement VIII (1536-1605) gave his approval of coffee after trying a cup. Coffee drinking entered the privileged and fashionable world of Europe around the time when the Sun King of France, Louis XIV (1638-1715), received a coffee plant and kept it in the royal garden.

It is believed that Louis XIV’s decision of keeping a coffee plant became a prime element to the story of coffee's spread throughout Europe and into the Americas. Wherein today coffee is one of the top consumer products. By the middle of the 17th century, there were over 300 coffee houses in London alone.

Although Paris is most famous for its art and style of living, the city’s cafés are an integral part of its history and rich scenery. For many years, Paris was a refuge for intellectuals, artists, writers and thinkers who gathered inspiration from its rich culture and lifestyle.It's no wonder Parisian cafés have become the cultural backdrop in countless films and photos.

At Tianti Bookstore, we are happy to bring you CAFÉS RICHARD coffee. Cafés Richard was first established in 1892, as a winemaker. Soon the company began its own coffee roasting. Parisians have been enjoying Cafés Richard’s coffee in its most famous cafés and small boutique shops throughout Paris for years.

Cafés Richard’s passion for coffee is closely linked with their expertise when it comes to carefully selecting the most quality beans and assuring the perfect roast. Their professionalism and know-how has given rise to prestigious coffees such as Florio and Perle Noir while Americans tend to enjoy Perle Noir and Rouge Richard the most.

Experience a piece of European tradition by adding Cafés Richard to your morning ritual!