Falun Dafa 9-Day Meditation Workshop

Language: English

Time: Starts on the 2nd Monday of the month, 9 days in succession
          Mon-Sat: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
          Sun: 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Location: 28 Grand Avenue, Middletown, NY 10940.

Tuition: Free
Registration: Required (+1 201-897-8788,  1-845-381-5032,


Call +1 (201) 897-8788 or Email to


NOTE: 1. Please get your registration card before class.

  1. Full nine days attendance is mandatory. Being late three times

                  or being absent of any day results in officially dropping the class.


1) If you do not have time capacity to complete the nine day course at this

     time, you are encouraged to read Zhuan Falun or Falun Gong

     right away. 
2) It is important to finish reading the book from cover to back in the

shorted days possible. Meditation without proper understanding

from the literature won’t get far.


Genuine wellbeing comes from uplifting your mind and body.

* * *

Tianti offers holistic programs for your self-improvement goals. From introductory classes, exercise with coaching, meditation sessions, to 9-Day intensive workshops, our mission is to serve your needs within our capacity.

I. Guided Falun Dafa Meditation

We hold a 60-minute Falun Dafa exercise session in the noontime from Monday to Friday.
Soak in the benefit of group practice! New students also welcome, we're happy to provide guidance. You may choose to partake in a 60-minute standing exercise session or a 60-minute sitting meditation session.
Feel free to call +1 (201) 897-8788 in advance to specify your preference.


II. Falun Dafa Introductory Class

This quick, 30-minute introductory class gives brand new students a comprehensive understanding of the Falun Dafa self-cultivation system. We go over a short video, exerise demonstration, and a brief question and answer session.
Free of charge, as always.
Let us know at least a day in advance so we can accommodate everyone. Call +1 201-897-8788.


III. Falun Dafa 9-Day Workshop

The Falun Dafa 9-Day intensive workshop is one of the best ways for new students to start learning Falun Dafa. It consists of nine lectures and five meditative exercises. Each day, students will watch one video lecture and then practice the five Falun Dafa exercises.
Free-tuition, as always.
The effects of all the classes and workshops may include:
• stress relief
• physical cleansing that leaves you feeling refreshed & recharged
• reaching higher levels of wisdom and enlightenment
Time: Weekdays (Mon-Fri): 7:00 pm - 9:10 pm, and weekends (Sat & Sun): 9:30 am – 11:30 am.
Registration is required, please email ( or call +1 (201) 897-8788. We collect a $20 administrative deposit at registration, and then it's refunded after you complete all nine class sessions.
Important Note: For best results, full nine-day attendance is mandatory. If you're absent or come late for three times, you will miss a lot of information, and will result in officially dropping the class.
1) If you do not have time to attend all nine days, you are encouraged to read through the book Zhuan Falun or Falun Gong. Many people have started learning this way.
2) It is beneficial to finish reading the whole book in your first round.
3) You are welcome to join the guided exercise sessions at Tianti Bookstore whenever you're free.


Falun Dafa 9 Sessions Classes at Tianti Bookstore

Falun Dafa 9 Sessions Classes at Tianti Bookstore

Falun Dafa 9 Sessions Classes at Tianti Bookstore