Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra - 2017 Concert Tour - DVD & CD Set

New Original Music from Shen Yun's 2017 Dance Production; Works by Dvorak, Suppe, and Tchaikovsky; Composition for three erhus and Orchestra; Performances by Shen Yun's Celebrated Singers; Conducted by Milen Nahev.

A refreshing new sound. Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra blends the spirit of ancient Chinese music with the power of a Western orchestra in what critics are calling a break-through in classical music.

Drawing upon five millennia of culture. Shen Yun's compositions create a sound at once timeless and unique. Western strings, percussion, woodwinds, and brass accentuate ancient Chinese instruments like the two-stringed erhu and the plucked pipa. Combining the exquisite beauty of Chinese melodies and the grandeur of a Western symphony, Shen Yun is blazing a brand-new path.

Recorded live at Shen Yun Concert Hall, New York, Oct. 20, 2017

Running time: DVD: 87 min / CD: 62 min

Subtitles: English, Chinese
Picture formats: NTSC Widescreen (16:9)
Audio formats: PCM Stereo

Category: CD, DVD, Shen yun, Shenyun

Type: Meditative

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